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JCneeds2HS 3 years, 4 months ago

ATTENTION Citizens of the Jefferson City School District

The Leaders of the Citizens for 2 Public High Schools are on the School Board Meeting Agenda.

Monday Dec. 10, 2012 6pm. 315 East Dunklin Street WE REQUEST YOUR ATTENDANCE AS A SIGN OF SUPPORTStrong

Rod Burnett and Dan Ortmeyer will be addressing the school board in opposition to the proposal for 1 large high school for our district. We feel the current and expected increased Enrollment justifies the need for 2 high schools.

Citizens for 2 Public High Schools: We disagree with the school board’s proposal for 1 large high school for our district.

Web Page: jcneeds2hs.com Contact Dan: jcpsnotforsale@hotmail.com Contact us at: info@jcneeds2hs.com Facebook page: facebook.com/jcschooltax Paid for by Citizens for Two Public High Schools, Dan Ortmeyer, Treasurer.Strong


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