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JC_Enthusiast 3 years, 4 months ago on Proponents say Internet sales tax would level playing field

Thank you Petunia! Your suggestion worked great. Links in order below:





JC_Enthusiast 3 years, 4 months ago on Proponents say Internet sales tax would level playing field

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In reference to the comments about regarding Samco, Staples, and Schriefer's, they all have "physical" presences in Missouri and the tax is collected. So, great! Buy from any of those vendors because even though all three vendors have online stores, they also have Missouri stores (Sales/Use Taxes are collected). And a far as the wait and quality of goods...these vendors are in the service business, not manufacturing. And in addition to that, both Schriefer's and Samco offer MORE products than Staples. They also have nation-wide distribution channels for delivering products in a day or two. If you don't believe me, look at their websites. To close, in reference to the "Transformation" comment, that was developed by Jefferson City Chamber, the City of Jefferson, and hundreds of volunteers to improve our area. If we aren't willing to improve the place we live in, why would anybody else? They won't. If you are unsure about all of the improvements being pushed please visit the site it spells out everything in detail for each project. Here is the link: please send me email for this one as well if you would like information from anything I referenced. It is silly to have the ability to add a link in the editor, but pick them up as foul language.


JC_Enthusiast 3 years, 4 months ago on Proponents say Internet sales tax would level playing field

To open, for starters the title references "level the playing field," not "Tax increase across the board." In the case of local business owners (I would have to think in the case of Samco as well) more taxes is never generally encouraged.

This article is referencing a tax that would hold business' without a Missouri "physical" presents to be included in the same tax laws as Missouri business owners.There is a 1992 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court held that states cannot force companies to pay sales or use taxes unless they have a physical presence in the state. So internet business' without a Missouri location would just be responsible for collecting the same sales tax from it's customers that Missouri business owners are responsible for collecting (not city tax. this is not pushing for local taxation. it is pushing to retain revenues in the state). This is a 24 state effort at bypassing the 1992 law. The "Missourian" also touches on the subject here is the link: please see end of post about links.

What is currently applied is a "Use Tax" on internet sales, which you have possibly been charged from a online vendor not with state presence. This tax does not require the vendor to collect this tax because of the 1992 law. In the example of our JC_Lifer who purchases "everything but groceries online," for all internet vendors that did not apply the Use Tax to the order (granted you spent $2,000 or more in a calender year, which is pretty easy to do) the state puts the responsibility of the consumer to flie a Use Tax return for the items purchased from internet vendor without a presence in Missouri. Ouch! Right? Here is a link to the document for the MO Department of Revenue spelling it out: please see end of post about links.

To put in a general scenario, if you imagine that you represent a local "Missouri owned and/or opperated" business in the checkout line at the grocery store... and the person in front of you in the line you notice doesn't have to pay sales tax on their groceries, but when you go through the line and your total comes up it includes sales tax!?! You ask the clerk, "why are you charging me sales tax on my items when the customer in front of me wasn't?" She then explains that since the customer doesn't live or own personal property in the State of Missouri they are not required to pay taxes on their groceries (the out of state resident representing the internet business' referenced). That is the playing field. Not quite fair is it when you look at it from a consumer perspective.

The editor has told me that the url address of my links is poor language. so if you would like the links please send me your email and i would gladly give them to everyone. I have a second post because the editor said I had too many characters.