JCPS_Parent 3 years, 3 months ago on Third-grader suspended over toy gun on fob

I understand the complex issue here. However, we don't know all the information surrounding this decision. Like all of us that make decisions at our job, within our families and if we have kids those discipline decisions... those decisions are made with the best intentions knowing all the facts. It's a bit presumptive and possibly rude for someone else to chastise an entire district and educational professionals without knowing the history here... what was said, how it was said, any previous incidents or other. I don't know either and as a parent of 2 in the JCPS system that have had great experiences I'm saddened by this angry debate. Discuss issues, advocate positions and offer solutions so we can all get better. Practice the golden rule, apply manners and demonstrate high character then watch how the world and in this case our school district gets better for all kids.