JCHS72 3 years, 6 months ago on JC plan is No. 1 in school size

I agree we need to improve our educational environment. And building a new school may be part of the answer. But one school or two schools, you could still restructure the classes into the Academy idea. One is NOT contengent upon the other.


JCHS72 3 years, 6 months ago on JCHS72

As a long time resident of Jefferson City, and property owner and a graduate of JCHS. I too would love to Jefferson CIty provide our students with a top flight education. I actually have no problem with the principle of "academies" What I do have issue with it the MEGA School idea. This may be a short term solution. That will serve our needs for the next 10 years. But if our communitiy is going to continue to grow, I believe we need to consider how we can use this principle and build a second high school. (BUILDINGS do not provide education. Teachers, Students, and involved parents do.) A number of years ago, we build 2 middle schools, which would be a logical feeder into 2 high schools. Our students have already bonded with each other as a "class" in the middle schools. Although we often hear that this has nothing to do with sports programs, It is hard for me to believe that is not part of the motivation. When the very next thing you hear, is that this would be the largest high school in the state. What extactly is the motivation for that?