Izzy 5 years, 3 months ago on Illinois Gov. signs historic civil unions law

I was just wondering if there was already a mini Westboro forming right here on this comment thread. I like to believe that God created me just as I am and would love me no matter what. My God would tell you that he with no sin should be the first to cast stones. My God is a God of love and acceptance, not hate and bigotry.

I'd love to know, all religious reasons aside, how this affects you all though.

People are becoming more and more accepting, it'll just take some time. As for those of you who don't care to get to know me, even hate me or look down on me, or any other person in the LGBT community just because of their sexuality, your loss. Most of us are good, honest, kind, loyal, intelligent, and giving..even if we do happen to love someone of the same sex.