Honestlee 3 years, 8 months ago on Cole County election results (final)

Fellow citizens,

I hope that one day we can all quit with the personal attacks. I would not be an elected official in this town for twice the meager salary they are paid. We elect officials not to keep the status quo.... no one ever got elected saying "I am not going to do anything if elected; I just want to keep everything the same." So if we don't elect people willing to do nothing why do we persecute those who do try to do something? We elected our officials because we trusted them more than the opposition but for some reason many in this community like to forget about that trust when they ask for us to stand by that vote.

I, like many of you, agree that our economy needs an injection but that is not going to happen by sitting on our tails and doing nothing... it NEVER will. Some have to step up and try to lead us in a positive manner, we elect those individuals... then we spit in their face by calling them crooked, telling them their ideas are stupid, and when they try to follow through with their campaign agenda we tell them to wake up. This I do not understand.

I also don't understand griping about state employees, the fact is we live in Jefferson City, it’s the state capital, you will always have state employees as a vital piece of our economy and therefore one we should try to respect and work with. That being said, for state employees that respect and willingness to work in tandem must be a two way street. You also voted for the local representation and the idea's they proposed while on the campaign trail.

We have a huge building project that has just begun and will provide more and more steady work for the fine people of our community but instead we are just trying to throw dirt on another proposed project that will provide other jobs and assist us in climbing out of our economic predicament. That economic predicament was not created by the mayor, the state worker, the young, the old, the builder of a convention center, the fireman or other emergency personnel, not even those who the community has chosen to annex this evening but by maybe actually working together we can create a better future everyone of us.

When we stop pointing fingers, calling others senseless names, and begin working together maybe we will be able to grow up. Maybe we will be able to come out of the shadow cast by Columbia, the Lake of the Ozarks and other more business friendly and progressive minded Mid Missouri communities and realize the hidden potential within ourselves.