Gotigers 3 years, 1 month ago on Teachers endorse ballot proposal

“We have some of the finest teachers in the country right here in Jefferson City,” she said. “They deserve our respect and praise.”

So voting against forming the largest high school in the sate is somehow disrespecting the teachers?

**...students that are shoehorned into a building that was not designed for the number of students"

Incorrect. The building was designed for 2400 students, and that was before the addition of Nichols career center. You are allowed your own opinions but not your own facts!


Gotigers 3 years, 1 month ago on Town, educators, students at Arkansas school hail academies

"...the community did not expend a great deal of money to implement the academies." Mountain Home didn't build a $55 million dollar high school to do it!!! This is comparing apples to oranges. This is about leadership that is CHOOSING to make JC the biggest high school in the state. I have asked 3 board members the same question--why are we the only district in the state who is striving for a bigger high school?-- and have yet to get an answer.

This will be the first school bond issue I have ever voted against.


Gotigers 3 years, 2 months ago on Potential sites for conference center stir debate

I agree. For it to be effect it must be downtown. No one would schedule a convention where you have to take a shuttle or school bus from the Mall to the Capitol. 80% of the business will come from associations and they want access to the Capitol and state depts.


Gotigers 3 years, 2 months ago on Council to meet in private with 2 hoteliers, local developer

the only way we are goint to attract a convention over Columbia or the Lake is if the convention has a need to interact with state government. So I think the site would have to be close to the Capitol, Truman Building, Supreme Court, MoDOT, etc...

It would be like builidng a convention center at the Lake that doesn't have any access to the Lake without a 3 mile drive.


Gotigers 3 years, 3 months ago on Third-grader suspended over toy gun on fob

My relative teaches at the high school and it is COMMON for a student to tell a teacher to F#@K Off and there is nothing that they will do to the kid in the form of punishment. BUT a 3rd grader gets 3 days suspension for playing with a toy?

Am I living in the twilight zone?


Gotigers 3 years, 3 months ago on City defends hiring actions

First Mr. Nickolas sent the email telling employees how to vote and now this. I think he has completely lost the trust and faith of the public. City Administrator is not a good fit for him.


Gotigers 3 years, 3 months ago on City drops plan to hire finance director

Our IT person was making $95,000??? How many city managers are making over $100,000? And how many of our JC school administrators make over $100,000.

Why are tax dollars being used to make people rich?


Gotigers 3 years, 3 months ago on April 2 vote set on new Jefferson City High School

La Tda--The way I understand it, and please correct me if I 'm wrong, but JCPS is going to the academy teaching model regardless if it wins or not.

I would highly encourage anyone that supports this idea to speak with a middle school or Simonsen 9th grade teacher and they will tell you --that throwing 9th graders in with the older high school kids is a terrible idea!!! The response that kids will be seperated is hogwash. Same as middle school, there will be a Commons Area and lunch room, etc... where all kids gather.

Mr. Coots, you will have my vote for school board.