Ross Carter

GabbaGabbaHey 5 years, 2 months ago on Our Opinion: Run away and govern?

Maybe try painting people in colors other than black and white rather than making stereotypical statements about a group of people you fear. What basis do you have that "liberals" (i.e. every Democrat in your book) have no regard for the democratic process? How do you think they came up with the name for their party? I'm sure you sang a different tune when the health care bill was being filibustered by Senate Republicans.


GabbaGabbaHey 5 years, 2 months ago on Mo. Senate passes voter photo ID amendment

Maybe you forgot your purse or wallet with your ID and then you are denied your constitutional right to vote. For an example, think of a senior citizen who takes a shuttle or some other public transit to the poll. The local radio station prize has absolutely nothing to do with voting - winning a prize in a radio contest is not a constitutional guarantee like voting. Basic civics 101.