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FussyOno 5 years ago

The Republicans are trying with all their might to destroy all worker rights and promote more richness of the rich. They are taking advantage of this bad economy to push through pro Big business legislation in the name of job creation so that when the economy improves they will have in place unnecessary laws to protect their Big business interests. When will Missourians wake up and quit voting for those whose agenda is to destroy our wages and our legal recourse. Please contact our Governor and request a veto of this heinous anti worker legislation. And watch closely what the legislature does in the coming months to harm the common working man and woman. They are wolves in sheeps clothing. Fight it.


spelchek 4 years, 11 months ago

That's right! We need more unions, taxes, government, spending, and regulation to get this country back on track. These people creating jobs with their own risk and money are destroying this country. You nailed it FussyOno, government usually fixes everything, it's these private sector job creators making profit that are destroying this country. You also nailed it calling out the fact that republicans are the only ones who make money and turn profit. FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS! 9.1 % UNEMPLOYMENT! U-S-A!


FussyOno 4 years, 11 months ago

How stupid it is to release elk in Missouri. Have you or anyone you know hit a deer with your vehicle? I have hit one with a motorcycle and 3 with a truck and they have cost me a great financial price. Elk are much larger, as large as a cow. We Missourians should be able to vote on whether wildlife such as elk, bears, wolves, and mountain lions are to be released in Missouri. There is a reason our forefathers removed them. They are dangerous to humans. Let me tell you right now, the The Missouri Department of Conservation has too much power and you people who donate land to them are stupid. They are just a branch of Government and donating land to the Government should be illegal. The Missouri Department of Conservation needs to have its budget trimmed big time. If you don't want to be running into elks, You had better be contacting your representative.


asb 4 years, 11 months ago

I hit a Chevy Tahoe last year, and nobody talks seriously about . . . oh never mind. Fussy our forefathers ate all the Missouri Elk, they didn't clear them as road hazards. Elk belong here, deer are like rats and not suitable as our top grazers. If you want the state to be one big back yard with no critters bigger than kittens you should move to the suburbs and hire safari guys to shoot interlopers, or is that antelopers, anyway you're wrong. Conservation has been a great agency that has made farming, hunting, boating and wilderness management of our limited land possible in Missouri; and by publicly approved law. Their budget should be increased. To say it should be illegal to donate land to Conservation shows you to be a willing tool of the meat industry. Elk are good, yum good and wilderness good.


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