Fritz 4 years, 11 months ago on Accident ties up Missouri River bridge

On Tuesday morning, June 7,2011, at 9 a.m., I entered the northbound Missouri River bridge from Main St in Jefferson City. I was getting up to speed when I saw an 18-wheeler coming up on my rear at a high rate of speed. I was driving a V8 pickup, so I put my foot in it to avoid being rear-ended. About the North end of the bridge we were side by side. I did not make a note of the name on the truck assuming that the trucker would continue north on 54/63 and I intended to exit right into North JC. Just before the exit, this trucker with faulty depth perception (since I can't say what I really want to) cuts me off and exits right. At the top of the exit, he turns right and barely slows down for the Stop sign. I followed the truck to the entrance of the sand plant east of the bridge.

At the entrance, I pulled off on the right shoulder, debating whether to go in the plant and complain. About that time, another truck, identical to the first, with OZARK TRANSPORTATION on the door, blows past me and goes into the plant.

The June 7 Section B of the News Tribune has a picture of the commodity hauler that rear ended the SUV that hit the tractor on the bridge at about the same place that I was cut off. I wonder if that truck has OZARK TRANSPORTATION on the door?

Before I retired, I spent years traveling the Midwest. If I saw a PRIME INC truck, I always gave them plenty of room, because they were always speeding, tailgating, or cutting in on traffic.

Is OZARK TRANSPORTATION hiring the rejects from PRIME INC ?