Frankenstein27 3 years, 2 months ago on Pilot program makes teacher evaluations more ‘developmental than judgmental’

Normally I'm all for local control, but if the regular commenters on News Tribune are local, then I'm all for some standards from DESE.


Frankenstein27 3 years, 3 months ago on Cole Co. two-year-old taken into protective custody

A handful of points: (1) It says the child's legal guardian, not the child's mother. It does not say that woman has multiple children by multiple fathers. Commnenters who read that into the story need to practice reading. (2) Have you ever taken an ambulatory two-year-old to Walmart at 6:00 in the evening? If so, you greatly annoyed yourself and lots of other customers. (3) If you're going to leave a 2 year old with a 13 year old babysitter, after bed time is the BEST time to do so, as under most circumstances the 2 year old will never even realize that the guardian was gone. (4) While it is entirely possible that the guardian was out socializing as opposed to shopping, what does that matter? Most 13 year olds are entirely capable of babysitting a single 2 year old, especially one that is sleeping. (5) I hate Walmart, especially the one on Stadium, at any time before 10:00 pm. I have come back into Jeff from Frankenstein to do holiday shopping to avoid the horrible horrible people who wander slack jawed and gap-pantsed around that store, blocking aisles and wasting air. (6) Why is the reaction to every article on this site a liteny of what laws need to be made (they don't) or a meaningless exchange of ill-conceived bumpersticker-esque slogans and rants?


Frankenstein27 3 years, 4 months ago on Mo. man gets mad in barber shop, shoots toward patron

I don't have a problem in the abstract with people carrying weapons. I think probably 75% of the population could carry and it wouldn't bother me. But it seems like the actual people who choose to carry a weapon are the exact people that probably shouldn't have access to anything resembling a firearm. Sort of like how you might have a group of people, the ones who can actually sing will politely decline an opportunity to karaoke, while the one who couldn't carry a tune in a five-gallon bucket will grab the mike every time.


Frankenstein27 3 years, 11 months ago on Historic village coming back to life

Sorry to hijack the thread, but there's a new coffee shop in the lobby of the Governor Office building. Very good breakfast and lunch too! "Rick's Cafe," I believe.


Frankenstein27 3 years, 11 months ago on JC man arrested for streaking at Cardinal game

Why did you edit this story to remove the David Freese quote? It was brilliant!

"He was naked. He's not carrying much," Freese said. "That relaxes that aspect of the drama. I guess naked's better. I don't know. Less to worry about."


Frankenstein27 3 years, 11 months ago on ‘Click it or Ticket’ campaign under way

These campaigns are basically LE's way of saying, "we don't like being constitutional restrictions on pulling people over, so we will invent reasons to pull people over to sidestep prohibitions on unreasonable searches."

How about we see LE start actually doing their jobs on the roadways? Count how many cars you see this weekend dangerously tailgating. If you really want to reduce highway fatalities, enforce existing following-distance laws. A safe following distance is the difference between a accident-free swerve, and a deadly 10 car pile up. Following distance isn't just about giving you time to react to what occurs, it's also to give the guy behind you the time to react to your reaction. Give the guy in front of you some space. Please.


Frankenstein27 3 years, 11 months ago on St. Louis police wary of in-car cameras

Good employees in general don't mind working with the boss around, because it gives them the ability to demonstrate that they did a good job. Cops should be no exception. If I were on the police board, I'd be taking a look at any cop making this complaint. I'd fire any cop I cought actively seeking to avoid the cars with cameras. Cops in general need to improve their profesionalism. If that requires more pay, that's fine.


Frankenstein27 4 years ago on Obama wooing young voters with student loan focus

The GI Bill wasn't done to reward service members, it was done to keep down unemployement. That's also the reason for expansion of the availability of student loans in the 90's. Look at the growth of administration and "research" on college campuses since the 80's. Also, look at the expansion of college campuses themselves.
College isn't for the 1%'s and it shouldn't be, but making sure everyone has a degree doesn't make any sense. You shouldn't need a college degree to wait tables or answer phones, but many businesses now require them, because such a huge percentage of folks applying for those positions have them. That's just silly.

Any presiding administration wants to keep people in school for as long as possible to pad unemployment statistics. Student loans are the way to do that. Whether a kid is at a legitimate school learning skills to better themselves and the world, or whether they're attending a diploma bill to get a useless slip of paper, that kid isn't "unemployed."

And yes, funneling money into education raises its cost. For-profit schools are a byproduct of federal student loans. Even at public schools, excessive facilities and administration are a byproduct of student loans.