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Endangered person advisory issued for two-year-old JC boy May 28, 2015

bill cox

FarCry 2 years, 4 months ago on Koster seeks reinstatement of flag desecration law

Paroquet, IF your referring to the agency I think you are, that would nevertheless be the same agency Mr. Koster has an army of lawyers to dispatch to defend corrupt management of when they retaliate against rank and file employees for sticking their necks out in a futile attempt to carry out that agency's mission. Just a hunch on my part based on what I've witnessed.


FarCry 2 years, 4 months ago on Banquet celebrates pro-life successes

As far as most "pro-lifers" (typically political conservatives)--Is it "pro-life" OR pro-war, anti-safety net, pro-pollution, anti-consumer safety regulations, pro-death penalty....? Please make up your minds once and for all. Life does exist OUTSIDE the womb after all.


FarCry 2 years, 6 months ago on Nixon launches efficiency effort

Let me rephrase that--he's a darn GOOD politician, just the worst human being to practice politics in MO history.


FarCry 2 years, 6 months ago on Nixon launches efficiency effort

Jay Nixon reorganizing state government = less rank and file employees to do the same amount of work and MORE high paying positions for his lawyer cronies.

So how many of my fellow state employees were suckered into voting for this guy by that last minute, before the election announcement of the day off after T-day? If you remain employed it will be the last under this governor.

My speculation, ol' Jay Bird will switch parties (where he belongs) and run against Claire in six years. This guy is about one thing and one thing only--Jay. Worst politician in MO history!


FarCry 2 years, 6 months ago on State offices to be closed on Black Friday

What a Load! Too little too late Bub. Hey Guv--I along with nearly everyone I spoke with in my building agreed we would rather either give up the eight hours of leave or work that day than suffer the insult to our intelligence with this blatant political ploy. As suggested above, it would be a lot less suspect if you would have done this AFTER the election--not four days before. This governor has had nothing but open contempt and hostility for state employees and like many I know won't make the mistake of voting for him again.

My vote for MO Governor goes to---None of the Above.


FarCry 2 years, 8 months ago on Officials say fatal crash shows why law was needed

Okay Guv where's the half-staff to honor this public servant who put his life on the line day in and day out to make life safer for those of us travelling Missouri highways?

It's all well and good to honor those in uniform who lose their lives in the line of duty but it's a snub not to honor this man the same. Otherwise it appears you're only opportunizing on the "hero" status of those in uniform for cheap political motives.

I won't hold my breath though. I expect you'll show this man the same contempt you continue to show state employees on a daily basis. There's little doubt to this governor it's just one less "parasite" on the state payroll and one less pension to pay.


FarCry 2 years, 10 months ago on Catholic bishops endorse Mo. prayer measure

"cannot be compelled to participate in assignments that violate those beliefs"

Looks like another end-around in the war on science without one of those pesky "intelligent design" bills to me. Glad I'm not a biology teacher in this state anymore!


FarCry 2 years, 10 months ago on Ex-policewoman pleads guilty after traffic accident

She did have a "second chance" but chose to leave the scene of the accident instead. Once again the JC area good ol' boy network strikes again.
Any of us transplants surely wouldn't have gotten off so lightly.


FarCry 3 years, 4 months ago on Rep. Crowell complains about state agency ‘extras’

Looks like this one has a lot to learn about state government. First of all Mr. Senator try going to Hastings or the Nature Center to see if you can get one of those Conservation Department calendars for free. Nice try though. Thanks for the laugh Gomer.