EDUCATED 2 years, 11 months ago on Capital City has unique economy, lags in recovery

Having lived in Jefferson City for a couple of years it seems to me that the city was never growing, nor is growth the concern of the people that run it. While Columbia snatches the youth and revenue from the city because of it's progressive outlook. Jeff City is a stagnate town moving in reverse and not forward into the future. The loss of population is the reason for loss of revenue. More people are leaving and not returning. In my time here I seen utility rates soar, and a forced trash collection/recycling fee that has also risen. Minimum wage jobs are all that exist here, and I cannot stress enough that people are moving away from Jeff every day. Factories have closed or are hiring less individuals, and state employees are the only source of tangible income. But 70% of them live outside of the city in towns like Linn and California. That's where they spend their money. The town will continue to decline. Obamacare will have nothing to do with this towns revenue problem. As for the greedy petroleum cartels, gasoline is a necessity not a luxury, capitalism rules everything! Pay up!