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Dan smith

Daddy 2 years, 10 months ago on Child-care cut may hit thousands

Hats off to Missouri law makers for this one! It is time to eliminate welafare alltogether. It is not my responsibility to pay for your kid, or stock your pantry. Get a job and close your legs!


Daddy 2 years, 11 months ago on Trayvon Inc: Fla teen’s case turns into brand

You hoodie doesn't make you a thug but the dope in your pocket and asault on another human does!


Daddy 2 years, 11 months ago on Mo. Senate votes to override veto on workers’ comp

Oh look more Republicans working hard to cheat hard working Missouri citizens how disgusting!


Daddy 2 years, 11 months ago on Rally for religious liberty

The best for of birth control is to not have sex! Bottom line learn to abstain, you don't need a pill to keep you from being pregnant unless your a slizzzzut like Rush said!


Daddy 2 years, 11 months ago on Cole County gets more complaints about dogs

Sooooo you left your kid to fend for himself by walking home from school? Seems to me if you would have picked your kid up the kid would have never got bit. Funny how all these adults saw it happen but you weren't one of them because you weren't watching your kid!


Daddy 3 years ago on Nixon proposes $40M for colleges

Giving LU 2 million is like throwing 2 million down the toilet. That school is an eyesore and the cause of a large portion of community problems. Do us a favor spend the 2 million on a wrecking ball!


Daddy 3 years ago on Missouri to get $196M from mortgage settlement

Oh this sound great reward the bums who handed out the mortgage and the bums who knew they couldn't afford the mortgage but wanted to pretend they had money. Bums all around!


Daddy 3 years ago on Zoning map proposed for annexation area

Hope those residents are ready for a tax increase, rate hikes, and city ordinance harrassment all without ever getting a sidewalk put in! Congrats you are on your way to becomming part of the sinking ship known as JC!


Daddy 3 years ago on When could Alyssa go free?

Who cares about Alyssa throw her to the wolves already I hear they are eagerly awaiting her arrival!