Dana Cinotto

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DUH 5 years, 6 months ago

Smoking issue!! This is getting so old. People you arent thinking. We already tell the business owners what to do when we have food guidelines, building and food inspections etc... They do it for our health. Smoking is not healthy. Nothing about a cigarette is good for you. So dont keep saying its for the business owners. No one complained when they wanted a clean restaurant or bar to eat and drink in. Same thing, I dont want to have less oxygen due to smoke. ITs my health and my childrens health. If people would stop all the gripping and see the big picture that smoking is a huge problem in this country and quit blaming there problems on everyone else then maybe we would get somewhere. This isnt doing any good to sit and complain about wanting rights and so forth. Everyone is entitled to there opinion even if it doesnt make it right. I have the right to clean air! Watch someone die from emphazema and tell me that smoking is grand!!!


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