Ryan Halbert

CommonSenseIsDead 4 years, 1 month ago on Council OKs sewer rate increase

I live in the county, and I don't get billed by Missouri-American Water. I get billed by JC Utilities. This means I shouldn't see an increase as there won't be any additional cost associated with billing me, but I'm sure I'm included in the $1.50 increase.


CommonSenseIsDead 4 years, 1 month ago on For Missouri students, cellphone debate isn’t academic

Ok, first off, I feel for those that died in the crash. The problem I have is that the government is trying to blame this entire crash on texting and driving. I understand that the driver of the truck that ran into the back of the semi-truck was texting, which is more than likely the reason he ran into the semi. However, why did the two buses behind him run into him and the semi? Buses sit up high enough for the driver to see over the truck in front of them. How did they not see the semi? Were both bus drivers texting too? No, they were following too close! I'm not saying texting doesn't cause accidents, because I think it does. I also think that messing with CD's, reading the newspaper, doing makeup, and any number of other things people do while driving causes accidents. I think it's ridiculus to blame this particular accident on texting while driving. It was several factors that caused it!