Scott Schilling

CommanderBarkfeather 3 years, 7 months ago on Poll: Strong support for campaign spending limits

In its ruling, the US Supreme Court has made the exercise of controlling campaign donations similar to that of holding water in your hand. We can do the court one better: remove all limits on contributions, while encouraging contributions with anonymity and even tax exemptions. Money coming into politics is not the problem. The problem lies with politicians and what they are willing to do to access those funds. Therein lies the point at which control is used. Imagine a political "superfund," made up from all contributions from all donors, regardless of their political leanings (the Koch brothers and the People For The American Way have their money in the same fund). Joe Republican wants ten dollars for TV advertising. A non-partisan controlling entity would allot the funds and see to it that his opponent, Joe Democrat, also received ten dollars. Problem solved.


CommanderBarkfeather 3 years, 9 months ago on Missouri voters to decide on prayer measure

Could Jewish kids start demanding Kosher food be served? Would Wiccan children get Halloween off? Is it better to expose ourselves to different cultures or to insulate ourselves from their influence? Why do people who insist on displaying the Ten Commandments (which is Jewish, not Christian) dishonor the Sabbath with shopping at the mall and golf?