CallawayTeaParty 5 years, 2 months ago on Protests converge at Missouri Capitol

HEY! HEY! HO! HO! Union welfare has to go!

Great article! Pic is awesome too, caught me with my mouth open (like that's never been done before), hahahaha. If the Coke bros. (whoever they are) are paying us, they owe me 11 months of back pay!

While I'm glad some big money is getting behind some conservative ideas (fair tax) I think it pales in comparison to the money the leftists have spent just this year in continuing the dereliction of fiscal responsibility. Good LORD! Who cares if our kids are a little chubby? Of course they are! They have been promised union jobs and don't have to go outside and learn how to be competive! That's the progressive way! Equal results no matter how hard you try! JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE CHUBBY DOESN'T MEAN THE 1st LADY SHOULD SPEND BILLIONS ON IT! The common sense thing to do is turn the boob-tube off! Doesn't cost a dime! Problem solved!

~ and that's just one small example of common sense. There are many others, just read Proverbs.