Brewlady 3 years, 7 months ago on Anti-Smoking Group Targets E-Cigarettes

What I find most egregious is the fact that despite repeated efforts to get anti-tobacco groups to realize the potential health benefits of Tobacco Harm Reduction, they continue to repeat the same old lines. "It says the contents of the e-cigarette liquid and the "vapor mist" that is exhaled by the user remain undisclosed." E-cigarette liquid contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and varying levels of nicotine, if the user desires. The vapor has been tested and found to be harmless. They insist on mentioning that chemicals have been found in exhaled vapor, yet they are just as insistent about not mentioning that the levels detected are well below harmful levels. The FDA's own tests, done years ago, found that the level of tobacco-specific nitrosamines in an electronic cigarette (8.183 parts per TRILLION) were comparable to a nicotine patch (8.0 parts per TRILLION). One tobacco cigarette can contain upwards of 10,000 parts per trillion.

FDA-approved cessation methods have a dismal success rate at 6 months. Studies have shown that long-term smokers are having measurable success, entirely replacing their tobacco use with electronic cigarettes. More studies are being done, with positive results continuing to be ignored. I smoked for 36 years, and have been smoke-free for over two years. People like me have taken to social media to communicate our success to others, because vendors are prohibited from saying that this device can help you to quit. It's well established that Chantix is responsible for hundreds of completed suicides, but because it's FDA-approved, it continues to be sold. Nicotine use does not equate to tobacco use. If ANR really wanted adults to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes, they would endorse tobacco harm reduction. Instead, their message is one of fear and falsehoods. It's really a shame that groups like The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association aren't able to get the type of funding that is poured into many anti-tobacco groups by Big Pharma. ANR is not concerned about smokers, and their continued lying is causing harm.

I find their actions despicable.