BelledeBoscop 3 years, 3 months ago on Our Opinion: Security firm plans premature plea to schools

I can't believe I am reading these comments. Sequoia, Ducky, Wow - It is so easy to be critical with a few strokes of the keyboard . No need to think past the tip of your nose! I happen to disagree with you. This company is proposing a business transaction to the school board. How many other companies are in this area that could provide this type of service? Have they approached the school board? Why do you have to lash out at the one business that is making a proposal? Of course they benefit if they receive the contract, that is why this is a business transaction. I happen to think it is a good idea to look at these scenarios BEFORE something happens. AFTER something happens everyone will be screaming why the school board did not take action. So, lets address this BEFORE it happens. Ducky, you seem to be such an expert, have you dealt with this particular company before or just some run-of-the-mill outfit? Like I said, it is soooo easy to sit at a keyboard and be critical of others. As a parent I am in favor of armed security guards in school instead of armed teachers. Let the teachers do the teaching of our schildren and let the security guards see to it that our children are safe. Besides, they would not be employees of the school district, they would be contractors and if the school district is not satisfied with their services the contract can be cancelled,