Mark Baker

Bakeragr 4 years, 2 months ago on Unions expect right-to-work will cost them members

I'd like for you to explain to me how it's right to work "for less." A business has to waste less money dealing with an inefficient intermediary and can directly interact with their employees, resulting in more profits. In addition, the employee receives more take-home pay because they don't have to pay the expensive union dues that simply support all of the leeches in union management and bankroll the democrat party.
The way I see it, the worker gets more rights, likely a larger ability for promotion in their company, and they get to choose (or not to) which political party they'd like to support.


Bakeragr 5 years, 2 months ago on SIDS family provides SleepSacks for newborns at St. Mary’s Health Center

Once again, NT, you've failed to proofread or use spell check. "Lauch," as used in the caption for this story, is not a word. PLEASE look over the stuff you print. I am starting to wonder if my subscription is worth it. You have silly errors like this almost daily in the paper. Then you copy them to your website and STILL don't fix them.
Do you take any pride in your work?


Bakeragr 5 years, 3 months ago on HALO's efforts for children gains national exposure

The bar in the photo is Gumbo Bottoms, not Soggy Bottoms, the establishment of questionable nature that was closed by law authorities. Does anyone proofread anything at the News Tribune anymore?