AmateurPolitico 3 years ago on Our Opinion: Senate repeats message already heard

The highway patrol would never have the database if it weren't for the DOR breaking the law. It is against Missouri law for the DOR to even copy, scan or save personal documents in any way. The DOR has a grant from the Dept of Homeland Security, and recently sent them a Real ID compliance checklist, noting they were complying with 14 of 17 requirements, despite Real ID compliance being against the law in Missouri.

Wether or not any of this is a good idea in the long run, there have been Missouri laws broken. No matter which side of the issue you sit on, that is a fact, and must be dealt with, either with law changes, procedural changes, and most likely prosecution of some type.

All of this falls under Nixon and his administration. Either he is completely oblivious to what his own administration is doing, or he is blatantly lying to the public regarding his administrations actions. Either way he is an ineffective leader.