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2 people shot in JC December 22, 2014


AJ 2 years, 5 months ago on Young illegal immigrants coming out of the shadows

They want to become citizens.. let them join the military and once they complete their tour of duty then they can get their papers.. why should we have to educate and provide them with medical care because their parents chose to break the law? Find their parents and deport them... sorry I have little stomach for those who break the law because they don't agree with it...


AJ 2 years, 5 months ago on Source: Adelson giving $10 million to aid GOP

I agree... But as long as they are in office you can bet they will not vote themselves out of a job. They have cushy jobs and get lots of money in fact so much money that most are millionaires so why do they need to stay in office? Because of greed.. and the ability to shove their interests ahead of most of the people.. they don't care what the "People" want.. they do as they please..


AJ 2 years, 11 months ago on Springfield considers feeding kids on Saturday

The charities are being overloaded now.. why should you care if someone else wants to help out people who are hungry? It isn't as if they are asking you to pay for some food, heaven forbid if you might have to open your eyes and see the ones who are hungry and starving right here in the US. It is ok apparently to help those outside our borders but those here at home. They should apparently just quietly die so they don't inconvenience you. Shame on you. Talk about being a good Christian.


AJ 3 years, 7 months ago on AJ

Anyone want to comment at MoDot on the fact that a good portion of those they "laid" off were within months of retiring? I know of several that were due to retire this year... and now they are out of work... seems that they are doing more than just laying off people.. seems they are committing a serious breach in the fact that what becomes of the men and women who have spent a good portion of their lives working for MoDot and just when they are about to get their retirement... good bye... so long.. don't need you now....


AJ 4 years, 1 month ago on AJ

What does the advertisements for clothing have anything to do with Law Day? I several ads here that people are trying to sell clothing.. come on.. any other time they would have been jerked offline before the ink had even dried...