AFfalcon 1 year, 9 months ago on Linn man charged after Osage County drug bust

You had three agencies involved for less than a pound? Sounds like they didn't get as much as they had hoped for but decided to try and make it sound like more. The Sherriff's family spent a lot of money on his election campaign and maybe they have to try and publicize him as much as possible. There are far worse criminals than this guy and they operate relatively freely in this county and surrounding counties.


AFfalcon 1 year, 10 months ago on Connecticut school shooting revives gun debate

So you are saying that if all of these things were allowed in the schools this would not have happened?

To be honest I think somebody knew something was breaking down with this guy. I mean black fatigues body armor and he is not law enforcement? The people selling him these items were not suspicious? The hand guns he used I believe carry a 9 round clip and possibly more, he would have had to been remarkablly accurate or just incredably lucky because those guns have a pretty good recoil. He would have had to practice at some point. As a parent and you suspect your child may have some mental issue, why would you bring firearms into their life? You are not only protecting others but keeping them from harming themselves.


AFfalcon 2 years, 9 months ago on Study: Romney plan raises taxes on poor families

In reality no they don't end up paying taxes but in reality they do throughout the year and that is basically giving the government an interest free loan. Why even tax them at all if this is the case. Talk about stimulating the economy, put the money in the pockets of the people that actually directly put it back into the economy.

You claim they don't pay any taxes well then there is no need to tax them throughout the year.


AFfalcon 2 years, 9 months ago on Bustamante pleads guilty to murder

Lack of judgement is more like it. I believe when they were asking the questions they were still in a search mode for possibly a living victim. The juvenile officer merely said do the right thing? Come on, you still had all the physical evidence and she led them to the body when the search found nothing. I would say that trumps any marginal questioning. Richardson was quoted as giving no deals and I think the family would have rather took the risk.


AFfalcon 2 years, 9 months ago on ‘Motion hearing’ set Tuesday in Bustamante murder case

This has been drug out for how many years and now you offer a plea deal? I would think you would offer a deal if you thought your evidence might not hold up but this case is strong. I don't want to hear the excuse of saving the money of a trial because you have blown several years worth of money already, let justice run it's course.

I would think they would take into account the wishes of the victims rather than overide them for personal gain. If the prosecutor doesn't have the stones to take it to trial then get out and let somebody else do the job.


AFfalcon 2 years, 9 months ago on Unemployment rate hinges on more than job gains

I don't think they take into account the cost of living ever increasing which is pushing retirements back. It's getting to a point where a retirement is only for the upperclass. With these people staying in their positions longer it is making less jobs available for new workers.


AFfalcon 2 years, 9 months ago on What would it take to get ___ to come to town?

It's not about the people working at the convention center. It's about bringing people to the capital city in large quantities that might spend money at local establishments which might create more business opportunities. To the people that are against this, I think the real resistance is the possibility of outsiders coming into our town and what that might bring. So instead of facing the fear and working on solutions we just say no because we are lazy. It was alright to spend 6 million on a walkway across the river though.


AFfalcon 2 years, 10 months ago on Jefferson City Council eyes parking permit plan

Why is adequate parking not provided by the landlord instead of forcing these people to pay more? If you open a business in town you have to provide so much parking per square footage of retail. Once again the council places the burden on the people in the name of profit.


AFfalcon 2 years, 10 months ago on What would it take to get ___ to come to town?

Since when do these actions provide high wage jobs? They will not because these jobs will likely be bid out to out of town contractors that low ball the bid while paying their workers minimum wage. You know if you truly want to stimulate the economy you stimulate it through hard working legal citizens by paying above average wage. If you have employees making minimums to the point where you need government assistance, how do you expect them to put money into the economy? These same employers that say they can't afford it also have a summer house at the lake of the ozarks and all the boats and accessories to go with it. We have let big business loose to the point of spoiling the nation. I remember when a holiday was about family gatherings and catching up on the year. Virtually every store was closed to allow people to spend time with their families and if you needed things over the holiday you had to plan ahead. Now everything is open and people are forced to work instead of turning the day into a family event all in the name of the all mighty buck. It is what we have made it and the city cannot continue to be as closed to change as it is. Who knows if the convention center will help but you have to start somewhere. We have to open up and the excuse of new businesses bringing a bad element to town and increasing crime, well we have a very good police force and if we grow, maybe hire some more officers and make some jobs.