26VET 3 years, 2 months ago on Bill would make filing gun legislation a crime

I wonder what Mike Leara would propose if he had a family member killed by gun violence in the last few years. What MO. and the nation need are rational thoughts and a solution not allot of don't do anything. That's what he was elected to do lead. Right??? Maybe a proposal to help with mental illness and screening would be better for us.


26VET 3 years, 3 months ago on Mo. GOP gun laws going against national debate

First, the United States is a Country governed by the rule of law it is a shame that the Missouri GOP seems determined to pass legislation that is unconstitutional.
Second, If the Missouri Legislature can't see that there is a problem with gun violence then they need to spend a night in downtown St. Louis or Kansas City and see if they can survive with their concealed weapon. (Good Luck!) Third, The president is not restricting anybodies right to bear arms he is making an attempt to fix the problem nationally which is his job, and the last time I checked nobody who legally owns an assault rifle has stopped gun violence with it yet. (Interesting) Which also means that they don't need or use a mass capacity magazine either. Fourth, Maybe if we thought rationally and not emotionally we could come up with a solution that benefits the country. (Retired military and gun owner for over 33 years.)