1OPINION43 4 years, 3 months ago on Cast your vote on Transformation

I think it is important to vote no on this issue. The Chamber, the City Administration, the City Council and the power players in this community must learn to live within the city’s budget as provided by the current tax base. Many of us have had to learn to live within our own budgets and taking more away will only result in less money to spend in the community. We cannot continue to add sales tax upon sales tax every time there is a want. Some of the ideas do have merit but should be addressed through our current tax base and not by adding another sales tax. I strongly suggest the Chamber seek private investment to accomplish these goals. I also have concerns with accounting for the use of this tax over the next ten years. What happens in ten years if all the wants are not filled? No doubt, another sales tax or an extension of the tax. Once a sales tax is enacted it difficult to make it go away. In the mean time the city will no doubt have other wants over the years and will pursue other sales taxes as well, while continuing to increase sewer fees or let the garbage company get a 4.8% raise in fees. Further I do not believe that an exorbitant tax base will do anything to attract young professionals to the city. So rank and file state workers, retirees, other fixed income individuals, lower wage earners and the unemployed, please go to the poles and vote no on the Transformation Sales Tax!