Debbie Frank

123abcxyz 5 years, 6 months ago on Smoking bans approved in Jefferson City, Fulton

I'm glad the people have stood up for what they want. I;m sick and tire of being seated in the non-smoking section of the restaurant and having to deal with the smoke wafting over my table. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke and have to deal with horrible migraines after breathing it even after a short period of time. I can't go to a bar with my friends because I will be ill for days from having to deal with the cigarette smoke. It takes very little cigarette smoke to become toxic in a small area. It's too bad the people who do smoke don't care enough to smoke outside so that more people could enjoy spending money in those establishments. I'm glad that the nonsmokers finally can breathe some fresh air while enjoying their dinner and maybe a drink at the bar. Too bad it doesn't apply to the SMOKE FREE capitol building - those people who make the laws but think it doesn't apply to them. Disgusting to make the school children visiting walk through the cigarette smoke in the hallways on the west end of the first floor and the 3rd floors and 4th floors. P U