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Turn heads at the gym

Style doesn’t have to end at health club doors

Making a fashion statement might not be a woman’s first priority when she goes to the gym. But today’s selection of activewear allows women to look their best while working on their fitness goals.

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Fireplace could add a little warmth, value to your home

When cool weather arrives

With the scorching temperatures that have been drying out the state for the last couple months, finding a way to turn up the heat is probably the last thing on the minds of most Missourians.

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Beat those first day of school blues with preparation

As children leave their homes and families for the first time to spend their days in an unfamiliar environment of teachers and fellow students, it can be a difficult transition for both the child and the adults in their lives. However, positive reinforcement and preparation can help to ease the adjustment period.

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Visit a Crown jewel in Kansas City

Mid-Missouri visitors offered a royal welcome, all without needing a car

Crown Center in Kansas City hopes to eliminate any tension associated with traveling by bringing lodging, food, shopping and entertainment together all in one place. Even better, you can leave your car at home.

Fair offers six days, nights of family fun

At the Jefferson City Jaycees Fairgrounds

The 2012 Jefferson City Jaycees Fair will be held July 30 to Aug. 4 at the Jefferson City Jaycees Fairgrounds. The event will feature food, carnival rides and games, competitions and live entertainment for all ages.

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Start early when teaching kids to swim, experts say

There’s nothing like a dip in the pool on a hot day, but you’ll be left out of the fun if you don’t know how to swim. That’s why many Jefferson City parents use the summer months to get their children comfortable in the water.

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Missouri's waterways offer cool escape from hot summer days

During the summer and early fall, many Missourians take to the rivers and streams to float. As one of the state’s most popular pastimes, floating is an affordable and fun option for a group getaway for all ages.

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Planning, food and decorations can take your summer entertaining up a notch

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the summer season is full of opportunities to throw a party. Backyard gatherings can be as basic as a barbecue or get more creative.

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Erasing the ink proves costly and painful

17 percent of tattooed Americans say they regret getting body art

Sara Haslag has done more than 100 tattoo removal services in the past 18 months. Her clients give her various reasons for why they want their tattoos removed such as entering the workforce or wanting to get rid of the name of a former boyfriend or girlfriend.

Youth’s first job can teach valuable life skills

After babysitting her younger sister for a summer, 13-year-old Monica Whitson was ready for more responsibility. She asked her mother, Alicia Whitson, to help her line up some work.

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Missouri full of parks that offer ride of your life

Summer is amusement park season, and Missourians who seek a thrill have plenty of options. From metropolitan areas like St. Louis and Kansas City to smaller towns like Linn Creek and Rolla, there are theme park attractions in Missouri to fit nearly every age range and interest.

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DIY landscaping project should begin with measuring, dreaming

Landscaping your property might seem like an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. With proper planning and some advice from a local expert, there are many projects a homeowner can tackle himself or herself.

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Dig into Missouri’s culinary scene with a vacation fit for a foodie

Missouri’s foodies can plan an in-state vacation that will increase their culinary knowledge by leaps and bounds.

How to go from master bedroom to masterpiece

Decor can create luxurious hideaway from chaos of life

The modern-day master bedroom is far more than just a place to sleep. Even if it doesn’t get the amount of foot traffic of a home’s common areas, it shouldn’t be neglected.

Youths’ interest in gardening can sprout with new plants

April is National Garden Month, and local experts say teaching young people about gardening can reap many benefits.

Hair loss afflicts 30 million U.S. women; treatment is available

Thick, lustrous, healthy hair is a desirable look for most women. So, when hair begins to thin or even fall out, it can be a traumatic event.

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Vegetable gardens: A satisfying and healthy endeavor for all

As the weather warms up, spring is the time to prepare your vegetable plots.

Pest control: Getting rid of uninvited guests

A beautiful lawn can quickly become derailed if uninvited guests are allowed to take over. From bugs to wildlife such as skunks and groundhogs, there is no end to the creatures that can overrun your property if left unchecked.

Outdoor overhead structures add living space, visual appeal

Outdoor living rooms are one of the most popular trends in landscaping. When the weather is nice, homeowners flock to their al fresco spaces for dining, entertaining or just relaxing.

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Missouri’s diverse collection of outdoor playgrounds gets national attention

Families interested in a fun and affordable spring or summer break vacation option might find just what they are looking for at Missouri’s state and private parks. Whether you choose to rough it in a tent or enjoy nature from the comfort of a luxury RV, camping enthusiasts say it is an activity that has something for everyone.

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Parents can help ease teen’s pain from ended relationship

When love falls apart

Breakups are emotionally draining, especially for teenagers who might be experiencing the end of a relationship for the first time. Parents can provide a solid support system for a heartbroken child if they recognize how the adolescent mind works and adapt their approach accordingly.

Sites across Missouri celebrate feats of black Americans

February is Black History Month, and Missouri is filled with places that offer interactive lessons on the Show-Me-State’s most influential black Americans.

New styles for fingers and toes tap into your artistic side

Fingernail and toenail grooming trends change often just like clothing fashions. No matter if you prefer an indulgent spa experience or take care of your digits at home, there are plenty of manicure and pedicure styles to explore in 2012.

Wallpaper makes a comeback with trendy finishes, patterns

Many homeowners and interior design experts turned their backs on wallpaper for the past couple of decades. The wall covering gained a negative reputation for being visually unappealing and difficult to install and remove.

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Arm yourself with an arsenal of activities for your next snow day

Flurry of family fun

When the announcement is made that school will not be in session, many parents scramble to deal with the change in routine. The excitement of a day off can quickly turn to the restlessness of cabin fever if there isn’t a contingency plan in place.

Don’t be a dope on the slopes

These ski vacation tips can help the beginner look like a pro

By this time of year, most Midwesterners are seeking refuge from the frigid temperatures in the form of a beach vacation. But, there are some cold-weather fans who welcome the chilly weather because it allows them to hit the slopes on an exciting ski retreat.

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50 Bridal Show vendors poised to help create special day

The 2011 Bridal Show hosted by the Jefferson City News Tribune will be held from 5-8 p.m. Dec. 29 at the Capitol Plaza Hotel. This is the premier year for the show.

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Christmas sweater celebrations gaining popularity

Thick black, green or red knitwear embellished with snowflakes, Santa Claus, reindeer or candy canes is the embodiment of the typical Christmas sweater.

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O Christmas tree, with so many styles, we adore thee

Leah Ann Boss, owner of Petals for You, decorates several Christmas trees each year for private residences in Mid-Missouri. She said standard, green pine trees with traditional decorations will be popular for 2011.

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Families should celebrate holiday’s origin

Turkey, football and the anticipation of door-busting Black Friday sales are the staple traditions of Thanksgiving for many Americans.

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Baby Boomers embrace genealogy

Marilyn Gross has traveled around the country visiting courthouses, cemeteries, churches and libraries hot on the trail of her family’s history.

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80-year-old McDonald’s greeter has no plans to retire

For years, Norma Gaston has been a familiar face at the McDonald’s on Eastland Drive in Jefferson City.

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Soft-spoken JC woman has been a leader in many ways

Although she was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and spent many years in Oklahoma before moving to Jefferson City, Vivian Jones says Missouri's Capital City is where her roots are.