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Historic High Point store to close

Mary Dillner grew up 5 miles from High Point and remembers bringing horses to town with her father to be shod at the blacksmith’s shop. While they would wait, Dillner remembers visiting the Tising Store.

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After 100-plus years of Masses, Immaculate Conception Church named a Landmark

A close-knit, growing congregation

Inside a small house at the corner of then-U.S. 50 and Clark Avenue in Jefferson City, a new Catholic parish celebrated its first Mass the last Sunday in July 1913.

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Historic High Point district remains central in community

The historic High Point central business block consists of four adjacent primary buildings and three detached privies behind them, which were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004.

Interfaith event to discuss the difference between Islam, Islamic State

With a foot in each culture, Rihab Sawah is uniquely equipped to share her Syrian culture with Americans.

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Waterscape garden named Yard of the Month

'A place of repose'

Charlie and Claudia Goodin love the water. It’s where they met.

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California students welcome freshmen

The band has more members, the music is harder and the school building is much larger than Clarksburg School, where Willow Hutton attended middle school.

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Opera house still focal point in California

The Finke Theater today hosts local musicians and performers, as well as out-of-town professionals, just as it was designed to do in 1885.

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Donkeys protect flocks of sheep at LU farm

Ears perked high, Silver Fox kept her dark eyes fixed on the strangers entering the field where she was guarding her flock of mother sheep and their lambs.

History commission reviews block grant properties

Many of the properties involved in the city’s programs supported by the federal Community Development Block Grant are 50 years old or older. That qualifies the potential project to be reviewed by the city’s Historic Preservation Commission.

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Kids hooked on fishing derby at Binder Lake

Elks offer new event as something for parents, kids

While Sawyer Burgess, 9, was having trouble getting his first worm on his hook, 11-year-olds Emma Loesch and Shelby Mell were deciding if they liked the fishing spot near the lily pads Saturday morning at Binder Lake.

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