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Foursquare-style home named city Landmark

Nearly a century of character

When Shae Marie Eickhoff walked into 1214 Elmerine St. 11 years ago for the first time, she knew she had found her home.

LU to host class about canning fruits and salsas

“Salsas and Fruits” will be the fourth in a five-session series on “Preserving the Harvest” developed by the Cole County office of the University of Missouri Extension.

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Artist’s creation turning heads, bringing chuckles across Mid-Missouri

Roamin’ gnome

Driving along at highway speeds, Stephen Feilbach still catches the surprised and amused expressions of travelers who point and grab their cameras.

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July Yard of the Month: ‘Truly Amazing’

Loads of top soil, turf, flagstone and plantings turn rocky corner lot into showpiece

A cute frog fountain has found a home at 3831 Foxboro Drive after traveling in a box for more than a decade from Los Angeles to northern Florida and back to Missouri.

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Leading a Legion of community volunteers

Tom Goodin wrapped up his year as the American Legion Department of Missouri commander.

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Bluebird conference landed this weekend

The Missouri Bluebird Society, which held its annual conference in Jefferson City this weekend, would like to establish a “Governor’s Bluebird Trail” with a start of five boxes installed on the Capitol grounds.

Eckankar religion on the rise

Since childhood, Deb Deutsch has craved spirituality.

Putting faces to the names on Vietnam Veterans Memorial

U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. John Campbell became a casualty of the Vietnam War on Aug. 13, 1967, and U.S. Army Sgt. Joseph Schmidt was lost May 16, 1969.

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‘NOW’ chapter rallies against Hobby Lobby

The uniquely American attributes of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion flexed their muscles Saturday on Missouri Boulevard in Jefferson City.

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Conifer gardens coming near Capitol

When completed, the conifer garden will include not only about 150 trees and shrubs but also a gazebo, welcoming groups, weddings and fireworks spectators with a unique view of the Missouri Capitol.

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