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Helias honors grandparents’ love, generosity

More than 1,000 people enjoyed a classic Thanksgiving feast at Helias Catholic High School’s sixth annual Grandparents’ Day on Thursday.

Online poll to gauge community's goals for new JCPS superintendent

What are the leadership characteristics of an effective school superintendent?

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Hunger for a new challenge

After more than two decades leading the Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri, Peggy Kirkpatrick is officially “retiring.”

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Farmers scramble to find transportation for bumper crop

An unusually large fall harvest has filled regional grain elevators to capacity, leaving farmers fewer options for selling and storing their crops this year.

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Chris Engelbrecht — Looking after safety, cleanups in road accidents

As safety and health manager at the Missouri Department of Transportation, Christopher Engelbrecht has seen his fair share of road wrecks. And when a big truck is involved, often there’s a big mess to clean up.

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Simonsen students tackle US Constitution

Can police access information from a personal cell phone? Does the Second Amendment protect all Americans’ rights to own automatic weapons? Can students be compelled to recite Bible verses daily in public school?

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Descendant of unsung explorer will launch skating campaign in JC

Discovering Drouillard

While his name is not exactly shrouded in history, George Drouillard doesn’t enjoy quite the same prominence that Meriwether Lewis, William Clark or even Sacagawea possess today. A descendent of Drouillard’s hopes to change that.

Board wants poll on school plan

The Jefferson City Board of Education on Monday directed central office staff to engage a polling firm to take the local electorate’s temperature over the next few weeks to see if voters may be amenable to supporting an April bond issue.

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Survey: Third of Jefferson City’s teenagers have used tobacco

Teens smoke for the same reason adults report they do: They see it as a way to cope with stress. But Jefferson City may have a bigger problem with teen smoking than most cities.

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Parents share stories of fallen soldiers

As part of the final leg of their visit to Jefferson City, five Gold Star parents were greeted as honored guests at Veterans Day assemblies at Blair Oaks and Calvary Lutheran high schools.

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