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Dunklin-Lafayette intersection to reopen this week

After more than two months, the Dunklin and Lafayette intersection is expected to reopen by the end of this week.

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Family fawning over latest orphan to reach their door

Peeking into April Dyer’s back yard, one might not know what type of animal might being bottle fed and temporarily living there. This spring found Dyer playing nursemaid to an orphaned fawn and a baby groundhog.

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Quarterback Club begins new program

West School first grade teacher Shannon Smith was in for quite the surprise Thursday as members of Lincoln University’s Blue Tiger Quarterback Club and Blue Tigers team popped into her classroom bearing gifts.

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Samaritan Center receives 50 air conditioners

Before the full heat of the day had set in on Monday, officials with Ameren Missouri had already given 50 Energy Star window air conditioning units to the Samaritan Center, which will the distribute them to clients with medical needs.

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Working on the railroad

More than 60 pieces of Union Pacific railroad machinery used to replace rail paraded eastward out of Jefferson City on Monday after replacing a section of the millbottom railyard over the weekend.

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New pavilion at Capitol Projects West dedicated to former worker

What started out as a customer’s regular trip to Mr. G’s Liquor Store to get a soda became a friendship with lasting impact on the store’s owner, Norris Gerhart.

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Cyclists pair up after chance meeting on Katy Trail

Two men from a world apart, geographically and culturally, have found a common link to draw attention to their respective passions.

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Working on the line

Apprentice, journeyman and long-time linemen from electric co-operatives around the state took part in training courses this week at the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives facility in Jefferson City.

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Seventh-graders explore ‘Dark Continent’

Tour of Africa Day for seventh-graders at Thomas Jefferson Middle School is a culmination of weeks of interdisciplinary study.

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Full of song

Students sing “Cousins are Coming for Christmas”

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