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Patrol seeking people wanting to learn more about operations

Friday is the deadline to apply for this year’s Missouri Highway Patrol “Community Alliance Program.” Every two years, the Patrol’s Troop F offers a six-week class for Mid-Missourians to learn about the patrol’s operations.

Labor groups join fight over right-to-work

When it comes to a discussion about right-to-work, and whether Missouri should adopt that idea as its labor policy, you can expect organized labor and the group Americans for Prosperity to be on clearly opposite sides of the debate.

Missouri to offer limited state tax amnesty program

A law that became official Friday allows many Missourians who owe back taxes to pay those taxes without additional penalties, under a three-month state amnesty program that begins Tuesday.

Lawyers still debating how to argue the ‘Senate protests’ case

It’s been more than 15 months since a group of protesters disrupted the state Senate’s debate during the last weeks of the 2014 legislative session — but none of the 23 pastors charged in that case has gone to trial.

'Americans for Prosperity' sponsoring major ad campaign

Urging legislators to override governor's veto of right-to-work bill

The group Americans for Prosperity said Tuesday it will be running new advertisements statewide starting Thursday, focusing “on the urgency of overriding Gov. Nixon’s veto of right-to-work.”

LU to honor former professor with bust

Former Lincoln University Professor Willis E. Byrd — fired by LU’s Board of Curators in 1988 for “failure to teach assigned classes” — will be honored with a bust to be placed in the Page Library, the current curators decided Friday during a closed session.

Kraus complains about appointment failure

Gary Dusenberg served three terms in the Missouri House from Jackson County, from 2003-09.

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Walking for a better heart

When Janice Markway was five months pregnant with her fourth child, doctors said the baby had only three chambers in her heart — when there are supposed to be four.

Henry argues ‘whistleblower’ status in Lake drowning case

Highway Patrol Sgt. Randy Henry’s lawyer told a hearing officer Friday that the Missouri attorney general’s office has a conflict of interest in the case, the hearing officer should remove himself from the case because of another conflict, and misconduct charges leveled against Henry should be dropped because he’s protected by the state’s “whistleblower” law.

LU curators approve new book fees, ID replacement charges

Lincoln University students will have to pay more each time they ask for a replacement ID card, the board of curators voted Friday.

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