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Outgoing mayor: Keep a long-term vision for city

Jefferson City has become more forward thinking, Landwehr says

A lot of things in Jefferson City have changed in eight years. One thing that hasn’t is the name of the mayor. That will no longer be the case Monday night when Mayor John Landwehr turns over his gavel to Mayor-elect and 4th Ward Councilman Eric Struemph.

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Two Cole County towns defend past annexations

The Jefferson City Council has some questions about the way their neighbors have annexed surrounding areas. But those neighbors are asking why the city is raising the questions.

Annexations of two towns near JC questioned

Annexation was on the agenda for the Jefferson City Council, but it wasn't a proposal to expand the boundaries of the Capital City.

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Roast of Jefferson City mayor raises funds

As the old saying goes, if you want to know the measure of a man, simply count his friends. Jefferson City had the chance to find out just what the measure of Mayor John Landwehr is on Saturday night.

Arrest made in California man’s death

Officers with the Missouri Highway Patrol arrested a suspect in connection with the death of a California, Mo., man.

Trash contract to face tweaking

The voters of Jefferson City may have made their opinion known on Proposition A, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still work left to do with the city’s trash contract.

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Jefferson City voters take trash issue to curb

Proposition A defeated by 74 percent margin

For Arthur Brown and the Citizens Action Committee Against Ordinance 14487, victory on Jefferson City’s Proposition A did not come Tuesday night. It came Tuesday morning.

Two incumbents re-elected to Jefferson City council

With three of the five seats on the Jefferson City Council opening up because of either resignation or promotion, the makeup of the governing body was bound to have a different look. But with both incumbent council members retaining their seats, there will still be some familiarity to the Capital City’s governing body.

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Walker, Stumpe get the nod for municipal court positions

There will be new faces on both sides of the bench in the Jefferson City municipal court starting this month.

$3 million pricetag for fire station work

Improvement does not come cheap.

Jefferson City festival district approved — for now

Residents of Jefferson City will soon be able to raise a glass to the City Council in a new way, so long as it is in the right glass.

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Passionate opinions driving Jefferson City trash issue

Proponents of Prop. A say public wants a choice; opponents say trash program is working

Almost from the point that the proposition to eliminate the requirement that Jefferson City trash be collected only by an authorized collector was put on Tuesday’s ballot, there have been strong opinions about its potential effect from both sides.

Jefferson City Council expected to vote on festival district

Move would be trial run

The result of at least one vote at Monday night’s Jefferson City Council meeting might be reason enough to celebrate for some people.

Laura Lewis: Residents’ point of contact with the city government

Laura Lewis might be new to Jefferson City government, but that does not mean she has not had her share of experiences with the good people of her hometown.

Council candidates in race to effect change

It is possibly one of the most common-sense reasons for running for any office.

Judicial candidates diverge on fines

For Cotton Walker and Marshall Wilson, the race for Jefferson City’s next municipal judge comes down to one thing above all else: enforcement.

Prosecutor candidates say small cases can have big impact

The race for a city prosecutor is a tricky thing.

Candidates endorse Old Town initiatives

Jefferson City residents have seen plenty of change in the past year.

Council candidate admits misdemeanor offense in 2006

Tyler Woods, who is running to unseat 1st Ward Councilman Bob Weber in next Tuesday’s municipal election, pleaded guilty in 2006 to impersonating a law enforcement officer, a Class A misdemeanor.

Both sides of Jefferson City trash issue waging campaign

There are plenty of ways to conduct a campaign. And, in the case of Proposition A, which would eliminate the existing trash contract for Jefferson City, almost all of them are being utilized.

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Jefferson City council hopefuls address top issues

Whether they are an incumbent or a challenger, candidates for the Jefferson City Council will have plenty of hot-button issues to deal with right off the bat. As such, the candidates have given significant thought to many of the projects and issues currently facing the city.

Hiring of Jefferson City Community Development director delayed

With an “interim” position, the implication is that someone else will fill that job eventually. But in the case of Jefferson City’s Community Development director, the question is how long is “eventually.”

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Union Pacific won’t be railroaded on tunnel

Jefferson City officials want to see a tunnel that goes under Union Pacific’s railroad tracks to Adrian’s Island. But where does Union Pacific stand on the matter?

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New designs on Jefferson City

Cary Gampher doesn’t like to put his hands into other people’s mouths.

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What use is Jefferson City festival district?

Official: Goal is to foster pleasant gathering place

The Jefferson City Council could decide soon to create the city's first festival district, complete with a temporary waiver of the city’s open container ordinance. But why does the city need such a district?

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Staging a festival district

Planning, coordination vital for a district’s success, Columbians say

The idea of a festival district might be a new concept for many residents in Jefferson City, but that isn’t the case everywhere in Mid-Missouri.

Candidates spell out priorities

For many residents in Jefferson City, Thursday night was the first, and possibly the last, time they will get a chance find out where the candidates stand on some of the most pressing issues facing their community.

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Play’s older themes still hold true

‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ may look familiar, even though it was written in 1982

Unscrupulous businessmen and less-than-perfect real estate deals might sound like the subjects of some of the most recent national news reports. But those are the tools with which the cast members of Scene One Theatre’s newest production, the David Mamet classic “Glengarry Glen Ross,” get to work.

Economic development action teams face variety of challenges

The seeds of progress appear to be growing in Jefferson City.

Ideas for proposed Jefferson City rec center emerge

The cost and scope of a proposed city-run multipurpose building is starting to become clearer, with as many as four basketball courts, an indoor aquatic leisure center and a construction pricetag of more than $22.9 million.

Festival district challenged by local bar owner

Jefferson City residents may soon have the chance to toast the City Council for a new ordinance.

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Building owners unaware of ‘Greening’ program interest before news reports

One prominent piece of property that was identified for redevelopment in Jefferson City's Millbottom area was the large building just east of the trilevel interchange, originally built in 1905 as a shoe factory.

Year later, tunnel to Adrian’s Island awaits OK

Railroad officials review construction plans

Despite the fact that the riverfront project has been identified as a potential redevelopment resource for projects like the “Greening America’s Capitals” grant, Adrian’s Island is awaiting an approval process by Union Pacific railroad officials.

Old Town, festival district on Jefferson City Council agenda

Meets at 6 p.m. Monday

Another Jefferson City council meeting means another round of ordinances stemming from the Ad Hoc Committee on the Revitalization of Old Town.

Report: Sales-tax figures below projections

At the monthly meeting of the city’s finance committee Friday, Finance Director Steve Schlueter reported that the general sales tax numbers for the city are significantly down from projected figures.

Demographer corrects findings

Normally, it isn’t a good idea to work off stereotypes and preconceptions. Sometimes, they are right.

CAMPO board responds to criticism by Callaway member

Frustrations surfaced Wednesday afternoon when the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization board met to discuss public criticism of CAMPO by a fellow board member.

Jefferson City Council eyes projects for sales-tax funds

The weather might not indicate it, but August is not that far away.

Council: Half of Old Town goals done or in progress

While going over the 60-day progress report for the suggestions of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Revitalization of Old Town, the Jefferson City Council was able to boast completion or near completion for at least five of the 10 ideas.

Study could help schools plan ahead

City, county and school officials in the Jefferson City area had a chance to find out just what the demographics of their community are on Friday morning.

Commission suggests Cole County surtax deadline

arties would either resolve issue or go to court

The Cole County Commission is looking at setting a deadline to either resolve a dispute over the repayment of surtax funds or to take the matter to court.

Study: Jefferson City saw big growth in ethnic diversity

Everyone has their own assumptions about what the community they live in looks like.

Trash collection ballot language confusing

Let your “yes” mean “yes,” and your “no” mean “no.”

Tax incentives for Old Town buildings advance

Tax incentives to find new uses for old buildings in Old Town may soon be coming before the City Council.

Trash talk picking up again in Jefferson City

After more than four months of relative silence regarding Jefferson City’s contract for trash services with Allied Waste Services, the conversation on the issue is starting to pick up momentum.

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Entrepreneurs cite downtown opportunities too good to pass up

In the last 12 months, there have been at least eight storefront businesses that have opened or will open along a two-block stretch included in downtown Jefferson City.

Cole County surtax issue in ‘limbo’

No settlement talks under way; school district awaiting 20-year audit

More than a year after Cole County officials discovered an error in the county’s surtax distribution formula and more than two months after lawsuits were filed in the matter, there is little change for all of the parties involved.

Council to continue talks on neighborhood improvement project

Councilman expresses concern with how project would be handled

Sidewalks could be coming front and center at the Jefferson City Council meeting Monday night.

Diane Cary: Keeping tabs on city progress

There are few things that make Diane Cary as happy at work as entering forms in the computer. Sure, to some it may not sound like the most exciting thing to do. But to Cary, it is the chance to stay one step ahead of most people on what is going on in Jefferson City.

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‘Greening America’s Capitals’ project focuses on Wears Creek

Sometimes, it is good to have a big plan.