Your Opinion: Don’t blame judge for others’ failings

If your son or daughter were charged with a serious crime, how long should they sit in jail awaiting a speedy trial? One year? Three?

Your Opinion: Ferguson then and now

Ferguson has been in the news for well over a year now. I believe that we can agree racial bias exists and changes need to be made.

Our Opinion: Virtues of openness evaluated

Jefferson City Board of Education members snubbed an opportunity to help build trust when they went into closed session to discuss the format and priorities for an evaluation of the superintendent.

Your Opinion: Don’t politicize judge’s ruling II

To hear those clamoring for her head on a platter, Judge Joyce went crazy and dismissed a criminal charge against a confessed child molester.

Missouri ethics panel says lobbyist-bought meal misreported

The Missouri Ethics Commission has found that lobbyists likely broke state laws requiring them to name lawmakers they buy meals for.

Your Opinion: Response to Gibson on Planned Parenthood

I really do try and stay out of other people’s bedrooms and definitely away from discussing lady parts.

Your Opinion: Stand against unspeakable evil

In light of the recent undercover video of the harvesting of infant body parts by Planned Parenthood, we must admit that the unrepentant heart of man is evil.