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Transform Jefferson City

Your Opinion: Initiative will capitalize on assets

On Feb. 7, Jefferson City voters will have an opportunity to say “yes” to Transforming Jefferson City and improving the future of our community.

Your Opinion: Realtor foresees more development

One only needs to take a look around Jefferson City to see the current state of affairs.

Your Opinion: Transformation based on public input

During the initial preparation of Cole County’s Comprehensive Plan we conducted a demographic study.

Your Opinion: City's action 'transforms' property rights

I have to tell Jefferson City residents to wake up! I am seeing how city officials are “transforming” Jefferson City.

Your Opinion: We don't need another sales tax

I think it’s time taxpayers of Jefferson City and outside shoppers know how much sales tax is costing them.

Your Opinion: Progress includes respect for history

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Nearly 100 years ago, those words from the Bible were inscribed in marble letters four feet high at the state Capitol building.

Your Opinion: Opportunity to move forward

My husband, Bill, and I have been residents of Jefferson City for 20 years. We have many good friends here and they have made us part of their family.

Your Opinion: Increased taxes not path to prosperity

Deeply profound statements are rare. In 50 years of listening one was by a state legislator over 25 years ago.

Your Opinion: Proposal includes partnership with LU

Many of us in the Jefferson City area community are graduates of or attended Lincoln University.

Your Opinion: Raising taxes not the answer

The Transform Jefferson City group has come up with some creative ideas for future economic growth, but has fallen short on how to initiate these ideas.

Your Opinion: Business owner laments out-of-town spending

I am writing this letter because of concerns I have for the Transformation campaign.

Your Opinion: Proposal transforms talk into action

Growing up in Jefferson City, I have always loved this community for the caring, generous people that live here and I am fortunate enough to see that spirit on a daily basis.

Your Opinion: ‘Rich people’ trying to dictate your life

In a recent letter to the editor, the question was asked “Who are these people behind the push to pass the Transformation Tax?

Your Opinion: Survey conflicts with Transformation goals

In the Jan. 22 Transformation article Mr. Wagner, Transform Jefferson City campaign manager, stated several times that the ideas came from 400 volunteers.

Your Opinion: Vantage points converge on clear benefits

We are fortunate to live in a community that has a history of supporting important endeavors.