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Transform Jefferson City

Your Opinion: Transformation revives 'Pride and Progress'

When I think about the Transformation proposal, I remember the old aphorism to the effect that if one is not moving forward toward his goals, he is probably moving backward.

Your Opinion: What other tax hikes will be next?

Are we paying attention? Interstate 70 has deteriorated, is congested and “they” are telling us that how to raise $2-$4 billion to replace that 60 year-old interstate is a critical question.

Your Opinion: Seize opportunity to enliven our city

Let’s Transform Jefferson City now! As a young professional born and raised in Jefferson City, I believe that this opportunity to revitalize, energize and enliven our city is one that we need to take advantage of today.

Your Opinion: A bright future for our community

Three years ago my family made a decision to move to Jefferson City.

Your Opinion: Which road will you choose to travel?

I’d like to quote Robert Frost’s famous Road Not Taken:

Your Opinion: Stop power grab by Chamber

Socialism for the rich. That’s where the transformation sales tax will take us.

Your Opinion: Development or deterioration

On Feb. 7 the citizens of Jefferson City have a very simple question to answer.

Your Opinion: We must transform with changing times

I remember stories of my grandfather driving a team of mules on the frozen Missouri River to cross and the one bridge that I rode and drove over growing up.

Your Opinion: Young professionals focus on future

We returned to Jefferson City in 2009 after graduating from Truman State University and living in Columbia for several years.

Our Opinion: Volume of letters advances community conversation

Allow us this opportunity to thank our readers who have written their opinions concerning the Transform Jefferson City proposal on Tuesday’s ballot.

The last word ...

Who doesn’t like to have the last word in debates, whether it’s about family topics, sports teams, political races or community issues? Well, here’s your chance.

Your Opinion: Tax would finance 'feel-good' projects

To all those conservatives out there who abhor those filthy tax and spend liberals let me remind you a vote in favor of the Transform Jefferson City sales tax increase makes you one of those you so detest.

Your Opinion: Inconsistency among opinions

The past several weeks has seen our community in a debate about the upcoming Transformation sales tax issue and your paper has been regularly printing letters from people both in favor of, and opposed to, the proposal.

Your Opinion: Similar initiatives succeed elsewhere

I believe we will all agree that nobody enjoys paying a tax on their income, purchases or fuel.

Your Opinion: Time to get our priorities straight

After reading your Jan. 22 Views section I came to the following conclusions.