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Transform Jefferson City

Your Opinion: Parent supports investment in future

As a Jefferson City native who has built my entire life from the parameters of this town, I am proud to share my voice about Transform Jefferson City.

Your Opinion: Tax would take money from working people

In Washington D.C., members of Congress work hard to find a way to extend the payroll tax cut and keep more money in the working person’s pocket each payday.

Your Opinion: Affordable tax would yield plentiful benefits

Several writers to this paper have spoken of the idea of taxation without representation.

Your Opinion: Keep city moving in positive direction

Wow! I have lived in Jefferson City over 50 years and this is my first letter to the editor.

Your Opinion: 'Fleecing working people' is wrong

Regarding the Transformation sales tax increase, there is no possible way the City Council or the Chamber of Commerce can justify inflicting a typical family of four with a $60 tax increase every year for 10 years.

Your Opinion: Enthused about plans for St. Mary's

I want to encourage all residents to vote yes for the Transform Jefferson City project on Feb. 7.

Your Opinion: Generational view favors initiative

As a multi-generation resident of Jefferson City, I support the objectives of Transformation and will vote yes on Feb. 7.

Your Opinion: Success linked to self-reliance

I am writing to support Transform Jefferson City based upon similar experience.

Your Opinion: Other costly proposals loom

There was an increase in the sewer rates for a typical household of $3.84 per month.

Your Opinion: Vote for betterment of our community

I strongly support the Transform Jefferson City campaign and will be voting in favor of the half-cent sales tax Feb. 7.

Your Opinion: Business plan weights risk, reward

I read with interest the article from newly installed Jefferson City Chamber Chairman Bob Scruggs, in the News Tribune’s January edition of the “Chamber Today” entitled “Its time to turn up the heat ...”

Your Opinion: Response to Williams on accusations

Last month, I submitted a letter to the NT correcting some misstatements made in several previously published letters on the subject of Transformation.

Your Opinion: Volunteer effort: By the numbers

I’m an engineer. That usually means people think I like numbers and math.

Your Opinion: Step out of the '50s and into the future

I have lived in Jefferson City since 1957 and therefore feel somewhat qualified to comment on the Transformation proposal voters will soon decide.

Your Opinion: Project needed, but correct flaws

Transform Jefferson City is a very important and needed project for the city, something that has been needed for some time.