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Lawrence Wansing


Dear Editor:

Recently (Aug. 24 News Tribune) Larry Russell Johnson criticized me quite extensively on my LTE of Aug. 12-19, concerning gun massacres in the U.S. First this should not be a Republican-Democratic issue. This should just be plain old common sense.

This is about massive slaughter of innocent human beings in these United States.

But Johnson makes it sound like a trivial event. I agree that there are many other killings with handguns as well, which are also shocking.

But when one person can slaughter nine and injure 26 others in a mere nine seconds, it is completely absurd.

My LTE was about banning weapons of war and 50 to 100 rounds in these weapons and in some cases bumpstocks also.

I plainly stated that I was not against guns per se or killing the Second Amendment, but I am all for banning these assault (weapons of war).

Why should I be limited to three shells in my shotgun when hunting squirrels and then let 100 rounds be legal to kill people with assault weapons?

President Donald Trump mentioned mental health issues. I wonder how many remember that former President Barack Obama signed a law (shortly before he left office ) making it illegal for anyone with mental health issues to buy guns. But guess what — Trump killed that law almost immediately after taking office.

I mentioned Trump and the Republican Party because they are the ones in power and they refuse to allow any legislation to even be brought up for a vote in the Senate.

I’m sure there others out there who feel like me. I wish they would bombard the newspapers and others with LTEs like I do and let everyone know that we will never accept this status quo; we will continue to speak up.

This country is full of gun nuts who feel just like Johnson, but we must keep up our pressure. I for one will never quit fighting for these innocent victims, especially women and children. May God help us please.