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Your Opinion: Obsession with Trump

Your Opinion: Obsession with Trump

May 14th, 2019 by Wanda Roam, Jefferson City in Opinion

Dear Editor:

Webster's New World Dictionary: Obsession — "The act of an evil spirit in possession or ruling a person. The fact or state of being obsessed with an idea, desire, emotion, etc. Such a persistent idea, desire emotion, etc., esp. one that cannot be gotten rid of by reasoning."

Robert Haslag is obsessed with all things Trump: the number of lies he's told, his personality disorders, etc., etc. There is a definite Trump derangement syndrome that consumes those on the left every day all day. Despite being accused of conspiring with Russia to "steal" the election from Hillary Clinton, he managed to win the states that were supposed to be securely in Clinton's win column. Maybe Trump won and Clinton lost because he ran a more grassroots campaign connected to the heart beat of the average American citizen. Maybe we were sick and tired of the smooth double-talking politicians who pander at election time but can't be bothered until they need your vote again. The Russia collusion conspiracy theory was hatched out of desperation and disbelief that Hillary could fail in spite of all the DNC corruption and Soros funding in her favor. There is no reasoning with the obsessed.

The mainstream media and late-night talk show hosts are connected at the hip with the liberal socialists and are the propaganda parrots that keep the hysteria going. Trump was a successful entrepreneur and celebrity that the media encouraged because they mistakenly thought he was the fool and that they were the enlightened who were profiting in viewership by allowing him to have air time. He was actually using his skills to make fools of the liberals and now that they realize that he beat them at their own game they are livid and obsessed.

We have real issues before our nation like the border crisis as testified to by our Border Patrol and ICE agents, Venezuela, China, North Korea, Iran and yes, Russia. Trump has made great progress with our economy, protecting life in the womb, religious liberty and putting America's welfare first. Liberals are obsessed with reducing America to a socialist country that they can control.

If the obsessed would let go of their hatred and hurt feelings, and pray for God to forgive us and heal our land, it would be amazing the good we all could see and enjoy together. Pray and let it go.