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Your Opinion: Common Core, illegal immigration contribute to education woes

Your Opinion: Common Core, illegal immigration contribute to education woes

May 13th, 2019 in Opinion

Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

The high cost of education is a multi-faceted problem compounded by the interference of the federal government to take over student loans, change to Common Core classes, close some for-profit universities and allow millions of uneducated migrants into our country. No mathematician can calculate the cost until the problem of illegal immigration is addressed and our borders are secured. Borders agents calculated around 105,000 migrants came last month, but they only capture one out of three or four. This is on the Southern border only, discounting the number coming across our Northern border. It’s been said migrants have less than an eighth-grade education, so if our purpose is to have a less educated society we are greatly succeeding. The debt to build schools, pay teachers, prepare classrooms with desks, computers, supplies is enormous and growing daily!

Years of missed opportunity occur when parents and children avoid working and saving toward that college goal and feel that burden should be put on responsible people. There are scholarships and grants, but the Obama administration took over the competitive bank student loan program in 2010. It essentially was another redistribution scheme on the American taxpayer. According to a study the debt owed to the federal government by 2013 skyrocketed up 463 percent. (Just like the premiums, deductibles and cost of Obamacare) As of 2018 Americans owed over 1.56 trillion in student loan debt out of 45-50 million borrowers. Several democratic presidential candidates want to forgive this debt while piling on more for free college tuition. Jefferson wrote of the necessity of preventing the government from wasting the labors of the people, under the pretense of taking care of them. The Founding Fathers warned of confiscatory taxation and passing extravagant debt from one generation to another. Debt limits options and liberties.

The Common Core curriculum started by the Obama administration is destroying math, removing history, our Constitution, competition and overcrowding schools with migrants. Teachers can’t teach in disruptive classrooms. Drugs have also removed the incentive to work and placed another costly burden of lost lives and potential. The leaders we elect and their policies are the critical component. As Democrats propose free health care, free college, the green deal, reparations, guaranteed incomes/wages be smart enough to realize these proposals are to buy votes of the indoctrinated, misinformed and uniformed.