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Your Opinion: Trump’s economy claim defended

Your Opinion: Trump’s economy claim defended

May 11th, 2019 in Opinion

Nelson Otto

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Mr. Halsag in his LTE of May 7 used unemployment figures from the 1950s as a metric to claim Trump’s comments that we have the best economy ever as a lie. Many want to claim that Trump pulls these comments out of the air, but in reality they actually come from other people and Trump is repeating what has been reported. Late president Ronald Reagan’s economist Art Laffer on CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield’s show Saturday stated the Trump’s economy is the greatest in the history of the United States. He went into how it was best and used a large number of metrics, not just unemployment, to support his claim. In response to all the claims that Trump is lying there are several articles about the economy and one article ended with “virtually every economist said 3 percent growth couldn’t be achieved, and we are now moving into 3 percent zone, that is a huge achievement.” So once again something that Trump says is compared against one metric to claim it is a lie. We see this over and over again and when we look at more data and over time we find that Trump is right.

Trump has gone through at least three separate investigations over a two (almost three) year time period on Russian collusion and nothing. Nada zip zero zilch, even on obstruction of justice there is nothing. Yet new evidence is coming forth that Hillary actually colluded with the Russians. Evidence that Bill obstructed Justice and more. Doesn’t take much for people to look this up on line to see all the articles and reports so I won’t go into them here. It won’t be long that there will be some new investigations and I wouldn’t be surprised if they “locked her up.”