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Your Opinion: Socialist Dems deranged and dangerous

Your Opinion: Socialist Dems deranged and dangerous

March 14th, 2019 in Opinion

Wanda Roam

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Deranged, dangerous and desperate are the descriptive labels for the Socialist Democrats today. It would have appalled our grandparents to see how far off the rails the Democrat party has fallen. However, this Socialist creep began with President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his “New Deal,” which has now morphed into the “Green New Deal.” The New Deal was the first major step taken to put the federal government in control of our private lives. Socialism is always touted as the solution for “the good” of the country, but the truth is that it is what is good for the elites and used to take control away from the people and enrich those who think they know better. President Barack Obama truly did desire to fundamentally transform the United States of America beginning with Obamacare, which was designed, when fully implemented, to have access to every person’s bank account, family information, religious preference, political leanings, number of guns owned, type of education provided to children, etc. The proverbial camel’s nose under the tent, if fully implemented would have begun the fundamental transformation of America to a Venezuela-like country.

The Socialist Democrats project everything they are actually doing onto President Donald Trump and his supporters. They wear out the victim and race card daily. Every trouble that the Socialists find themselves in is blamed on Trump. One MSM contributor stated it is Trump’s fault that people are rushing the southern border? No explanation or justification is needed for that assessment however. Jussie Smollett was automatically believed because he accused Trump supporters of attacking him declaring that Chicago was MAGA country. That in itself should have been a red flag, but reality doesn’t matter to the Trump haters. The daily and relentless Trump bashing from the MSM and the now emboldened Socialist majority in the House has created a frenzied cry for investigations and impeachment. The good of the country is not even an afterthought when it is compared to their manic-depressive jealousy and derangement over the lost 2016 election. Their failure to take control of the United States with Hillary Clinton at the helm to turn Obama’s executive orders into law has devastated their decades long globalists dream. Anti-Semitism is raising its ugly head in their party which is another indication of disregard for God’s word. Curse Israel and be cursed. God must intervene if America can be saved.