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Clayton Hill

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

The tornado brought about the best of the people of Jefferson City a truly united effort without regard to any differences just a total effort to help and care for all. Too bad there is no common effort toward the common good and welfare of our nation in Washington.

On the 75th anniversary of D-Day, we celebrated the sacrifices of 160,00 Allied troops invading Normandy to begin the defeat of the Nazi-socialist regime on the western front. This total included 73,000 U. S. troops. Is it not now sickening we are witnessing the reverse? Tens of thousands invaders, demonstrating socialism dependence, overthrow of this Constitutional Republic and anarchy are now supported by the lack of Congress' action and disregard for the constitutional oaths they swore as they invade our southern border.

Regarding the continuing saga of our public school's system, it shouldn't take any effort to make a policy regarding no use of smartphones in the classroom. That it is of study makes me ask who is in charge of this "nut house" anyway a no-brainer?

Letters and opinions to the editor are the best part of the paper. I would encourage more readers' opinions. However, the subjects of "global warming and climate control," opinions of "free-choice and "pro-life," and religion versus agnostic or atheism are a waste of time. No opinion here will make any viable difference. I will say that those supporting the global warming theory are the first to limit others consumptive behavior while being the hypocritical abusers themselves.

President Trump is definitely guilty of obstruction. That is, he is obstructing every attempt to hide the previous administration's spying and the attempt to unseat his legitimate presidency. As the true stories are unveiled concerning criminal corruption and weaponization of the DOJ, FBI and IRS within the federal government, for sure, passports of those facing indictments should be confiscated by the Department of State. Full speed ahead Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham.

You can't fix stupidity. Certain letters to the editor should include authors' photos; we others can recognize stupid from a distance and avoid the unnecessary interface.