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Your Opinion: Christian mumbo jumbo

Your Opinion: Christian mumbo jumbo

July 10th, 2019 in Opinion

Cal Winter

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

A letter of mine was published in the letters column of this paper on June 28. The idea that I presented was very simple: According my projection, which is based on my experience with and my impressions of Christian clergy, virtually all Christian clergymen would agree that the precious soul of a fertilized human egg that has been killed will always go to Heaven to be with God, but many fertilized eggs that are nurtured into adulthood will go to Hell to suffer unimaginable pain forever. I accept what I think would be the Christian clergy’s nearly unanimous opinion on this matter as being Christianity’s position. So what do you want for your kids, Heaven or Hell? A mother’s selfless choice is clear: Get all of your fetuses aborted.

I felt gratified when I saw the handiwork of three of my long-winded detractors in the News Tribune of July 5. It’s unfortunate that virtually none of those who read the letters column on that Friday had any idea of what my original “offending” letter had actually said. I think that the column would contribute more to the growth of understanding if the original “offending” letter were published again, surrounded by its enemies.

In case there are any believers out there who are naive enough to be worried sick, on spiritual grounds, about what to do with that baby bump, let me suggest that this whole Christian thing is just a lot of mumbo jumbo signifying nothing. You won’t go to Heaven or Hell no matter what you do, and neither will your fertilized egg or the adult that it might become. Open your eyes and look around at what Christianity really is. The Catholics believe that nearly all of the Protestants are going to hell, and many of the Protestants are pretty sure that nearly all of the Catholics are headed that way. Some Protestant denominations put many of their Protestant brethren into Satan’s furnace. The primary Catholic rationale for their putting such strong emphasis on Church teaching instead of scripture is that the Bible doesn’t make enough sense to guide people, as evidenced by the great number of Protestant sects, each with its own interpretation. Christianity is a mess.