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Your Opinion: Presidential candidate promises

Your Opinion: Presidential candidate promises

July 8th, 2019 by Charlotte Schnieders, Jefferson City in Opinion

Dear Editor:

One month ago, we heard the tear-jerking accounts of D-Day soldiers watching their friends die in their arms as they fought to rid Europe from the brutality of the National Socialist Party. A party that decided who should live, who should die, confiscating the riches, treasures and talents for generations to come. Do we wonder what those living soldiers must think now when our own Democratic presidential candidates desire to piss those hard-fought freedoms away? Freedoms that soldiers in every battle, conflict and war gave their lives, health and families' sacrifice to preserve, that have made America the most unique country in the world.

When less than 1 percent of the U.S. population participate in military service defending the world from ruthless dictators wanting world domination, have we become so complacent and mindlessly distant from the reality of growing dangers facing our country? Have our children/society been so indoctrinated to believe the fallacy that a government will give you free healthcare, education, childcare, guaranteed wages, reparations for slavery, LGBTQIA and drug offenders, and provide free healthcare for anyone crossing the borders they plan to open. These were some of the growing list of promises presidential Democratic candidates want you to believe. The truth, the reality is people fleeing to America left Socialist countries behind that made unrealistic promises.

The National Socialist Party (Nazi) media told Jews they were being taken to work factories and would be housed and fed. Imagine their fears when reality happened. What will it take to educate Americans that there is a true price for the freedoms we enjoy? A price you may not pay, but is so costly to others. That a media so controlled by George Soros and those desiring control over your lives will mislead you. You won't get a do-over like the Democratic candidates did after the debate. Once that critical vote is cast, there is no do-over. Will America be safer from diseases, drug and Antifa gangs, sexual predators and criminals entering our country and running to sanctuary cities to be released and not penalized by leftist leaders and judges? The transformation by Obama and Soros is almost complete, but America is almost unrecognizable to our veterans and constitutional loyalists. This election asks one question: Do "you" want to make your own life decisions or give that control over to a corrupt government?