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Your Opinion: Response to Winter

Your Opinion: Response to Winter

January 8th, 2019 in Opinion

Lee Swearingen

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Reference Mr. Cal Winter’s “Deer Hunters’ Phoniness” comments, I hunt deer and enjoy eating venison as burger, steak, tenderloin, kabobs and more. My daughter prefers venison over beef, being much higher in protein, very much lower in fat, and not chemically injected. In other words it is better for you.

“Share the Harvest” is a Missouri Department of Conservation program. Insurance and hunting organizations have paid for processing, but some hunters, such as me, pay for processing. I disagree that “pantry patrons” are “mostly bums.” I have sent over 150 pounds of venison and over 50 pounds of beef burger, processed and paid for by myself, to Native Americans on Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. I do not consider them bums. Most of the food they get from our government is fat and carbs. Now, if you misstated your intent, I would accept your clarification and apology.

I am not “simply” concerned; I am very concerned about feeding the hungry (see above). I do not claim to be a genius. I do claim to be a concerned Christian wishing to help those less fortunate than myself. Hunters I know have more concern, respect and appreciation for not only deer, but rabbits, squirrels, etc, than anyone. By the way, squirrel gravy is so much better than chicken gravy it is a sin.

I will not address the racial comment but will note while growing up, I knew many people that hunted to put food on their table.

I could make other comments but I will limit myself to responding to Mr. Winter’s comments only, and will end by saying I pray for you, sir. I pray the hate in your heart will be replaced with a broader acceptance of your fellow man and a love and appreciation for their efforts to accomplish the same goals you may well have for society as a whole.