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Your Opinion: Support fairness on every issue

Your Opinion: Support fairness on every issue

January 6th, 2019 in Opinion

Ed Williams

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Your editorial of 12/28 was disingenuous. You call for sales tax to be charged on internet orders as a matter of fairness. When some people are required to pay property taxes, but others are not, it is very unfair. As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, you are following their tactics. The Chamber recently expanded their list of freeloaders to include Command Web. They join Farmer Brothers’ properties Capital Mall and Old St. Mary’s Hospital, Axiom Plastics, Modern Litho, Continental Products and probably others in not paying their fair share. You as a Chamber member want citizens to pay all of our sales taxes, but do not want businesses to pay their fair share. The Chamber’s excuse was that Command Web would have to stay in JC for seven years and add 25 jobs. That is an insignificant number and not worth the elimination of property taxes. Compare that to the 300 jobs recently announced for Eldon with the building of a Quaker window plant. Command Web would find it very expensive to move and train new employees. If they only place their plant in the city that gives them the best tax break, they will leave in seven years. It is unlikely that they will leave. I have noticed that the Chamber/City Council removes property taxes after a plant is located in JC and not to attract new jobs. It is just the Chamber taking advantage of citizens.

The Chamber’s attempt to help the Capital Mall with a use tax to increase cost on internet purchases was firmly defeated. The Chamber even tried to keep their participation a secret, but voters could easily see the source of the tax. The Chamber should have gotten the message that we do not want the Chamber using our money to “level the playing field,” with local merchants. Your propaganda sheet, Chamber Today, had the Chairman of the Chamber hoping for another chance to pass a use tax. No doubt they would put a lot more money into a campaign and develop some misleading slogans.

You should support fairness on every issue and not just when you think it can be used to increase profits of businesses.