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Your Opinion: Work together for good of all Americans

Your Opinion: Work together for good of all Americans

February 7th, 2019 in Opinion

Donna Bernskoetter

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Tom Brady is being criticized by some because he might be a Trump supporter. Whether he is a supporter of Trump or not — is it right to criticize? Can we not view him as a good person and a great football player? What if you met someone new, with the possibility of a great friendship, and then you got wind that he was of a different political affiliation. Do you drop this friend, accusing them of being racist instead of looking for other qualities and values? Is political affiliation the only thing by which we measure a person?

I read an article recently where Christian schools were being criticized by liberals, saying these schools were too “indoctrinating.” Then don’t attend these schools! You have a right to send your children to public or private schools. Do we not have the same right as well?

I would like to offer a suggestion. A friend forced himself to watch both CNN and Fox News. He wanted to be open-minded and see how the liberals reasoned. Although he still remained conservative in his views, he said he could see on some issues how they felt — even though ultimately he didn’t agree with them. This would be very difficult for many of us, but sometimes we hear things differently on liberal vs. conservative news stations.

For eight years we put up with Obama. Was he criticized on social media like Trump? No! We tolerated him in misery! We might have felt that criticism in our hearts, but we only shared it with our like-minded friends and prayed for new leadership. Never before has the president of our country (and Brett Kavanaugh as well) been so disrespected! What are we teaching our youth?

The left has become so intolerant that if we don’t think like them, we are labeled as racist or “deplorables.” When Trump reopened the government, Pelosi was jubilant, basically saying, “We won! Trump caved!” Could Pelosi not have said, “Thank you, Mr. President, for letting the American people return to their jobs.” Has she listened to the wives of the Border Patrol agents, who have asked Pelosi to come to the border for one day? No! She is afraid to see the border herself, for fear she might be wrong. Can we please just work together for the good and safety of all Americans?