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Your Opinion: Sad commentary

Your Opinion: Sad commentary

February 7th, 2019 in Opinion

Steve Sampson

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

I guess we know where almost all Democrats and several Republicans stand on late-term abortions, after all the hub-bub this weekend concerning the Virginia governor’s yearbook picture. I think it was very clever of whom ever leaked the existence of this picture, just a few days after this governor endorsed infanticide. You can watch what he said about keeping the baby comfortable while the mother and doctors (killers) discussed how to proceed. What did he mean? He was talking about determining to either killing this totally defenseless baby or allowing the baby to live. What have we as a people become, when this is even a topic of discussion when the baby is lying on a table and the mother and doctor are making the decision to murder a living breathing person?

This governor even had the audacity to call his opponent in the last election, a racist. Ed Gillespie must have hired some very poor people during his campaign. They didn’t come across this photo that was in this clown’s college yearbook? This looks like incompetence to the n’th degree. He should sue for dereliction of duty, or was it?

I was talking with a close friend a few months ago, who is lobbing at the Missouri Capitol, and he mentioned that he was talking with conservative a Democrat, about an issue. My question to him was, “How can you say a conservative would be a member of a party that is for the killing of unborn babies, in favor of homosexuals getting married, and the party that voted to remove God from their platform?” He had no answer.

It’s very ironic that a guy is deemed unacceptable to be in public office because of a photo taken 35 years ago, but it is OK for him to stay in office when he states last week, that he believes that infanticide is OK. Not only were the citizens of Virginia snookered, but we citizens of the USA have been for years by Planned Parenthood. You do realize that they performed over 320,000 abortions last year and we support them with your hard earned tax money. Each one of us should be ashamed for allowing this to continue since the nine old dudes in Washington, DC allowed abortion on demand. Such a sad commentary as to our state of affairs.