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Your Opinion: Robo calls: why?

Your Opinion: Robo calls: why?

May 16th, 2018 by Tom Ault, Jefferson City in Opinion

Dear Editor:

I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of dashing to the phone, half dressed, or with lunch, dinner or breakfast in my mouth, to find a "hang-up" when I answer, or a deal that I could care less about!

It is time that we, as citizens who are being pushed to the end of our patience, retaliate. Yes, I know that retaliation may be difficult, but there may be a way to make it all work. Last week, I said to myself, "Self, it is time to take action!" With that I set a plan in motion, well actually two of them.

Most of us have, either on our cellphone, or on the home phone, an answering device, a place where unanswered calls go for future reference.

Plan 1.

Don't answer the phone! After the call, or sometime later, check to see from whom it came and if you think you recognize any of the numbers, don't say, "Gosh, that's from Aunt Edna's area code, I better call it!" Instead, check for it in your personal phone book, or the phone directory you may of that area. If it is not a number you recognize push the delete. Some of the new "smart" television sets show the number and name on the screen, provided the phone and television are on the same network. That makes it simple if you recognize the name, you answer, otherwise, don't!

Plan 2.

Put into your cellphone all of the phone numbers of people you wish to hear from. When the phone rings, the name and/or picture of the caller shows up and you will know whether to answer or not. Again, if you don't answer, the message goes to your saving area for future reference.

My son hasn't answered my phone calls for over a year, at least not immediately. He too checks to see who calls before answering. He checks the log on his cellphone, or on his home phone answering machine first, then calls me back when he knows it is me who is calling.

This could cause the robo cost to be cost prohibitive to the subscriber. Yes, there are "political pacs" and other pain-in-the-neck financing organizations used, and if you donate to them well, that's up to you I guess.